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Works Great!

This point of sale app is exactly what we're looking for having multiple store fronts. We are able to use it in our retail pop up stores, sale events, and trade shows. The support from ebizmarts has been exceptional and we highly recommend this to all merchants looking to expand their sales channels. Thanks again to ebizmarts for another affordable and excellent Magento product!

Fantastic fully featured EPOS system

After using ebizmarts SagePay module for some years I was really excited to see them branch out into an EPOS system.The feature list is comprehensive and it works even better than expected in the real world. We run three store views from the one Magento installation and can now sell from anyone of them at our retail store from iPad terminals. It has made processing sales far faster and the terminals add a little wow factor to the retail environment. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested and the support is second to none!

Fantastic extension by amazing developers!!

For some time we have been looking for a Point of sale solution to work with our Magento multi store website.We are very cautious when looking for extension as there are many out there with poorly written code and even poorer support. When I found this extension by ebizmarts I was so pleased as I have had previous experience with this company. We have been using Sagepay pro suite by ebizmarts and the service together with support was amazing. After contacting ebizmarts to request a setup and install of Point of sale system I received an email back within 15 minutes and they had fully installed and set it up within 2 hours. All my questions were answered immediately. I had many emails over the course of the day asking them various questions and advice and every time I received an answer back within a few minutes. No question or task was too hard for them and it seemed like service with a smile.

Now for the Point of Sale app:
I had certain expectations and expected some limitations to the functionality of this Point of Sale app but I can honestly say that the point of sale app far exceeded my expectations. it works perfectly with a multi store set up. It syncs information perfectly and it is so easy to use. We recently started using Paypal Here for shopfront orders. When I set up paypal here as a payment method I never expected that the point of sale app would pass all the data over to the paypal here app. It actually does. This makes it so easy when a customer is in store to run a transaction through Point of sale and paypal. All you need to do is select the products in Point of sale then select paypal here as the payment option.The paypal app opens automatically with the payment details and amount prompting the customer to insert their card into the card reader. It really is great and easy avoiding all the extra work involved in entering payment details and reconciliation after. I really must say that Ebizmarts have once again proved themselves to be markets leaders in magento extensions and support. They are not out to get every penny out of you. They are extremely good priced and really do have a passion for what they do. Get this extension/app. You wont regret it!!! Well done Ebizmarts for another fantastic lifesaving extension!!

Pretty Amazing

This is total Point of Sale system. It's really amazing how thorough and completely integrated with Magento this is. Ebizmarts has done an excellent job, and as always their support is top notch. If you are looking to keep online and offline sales in sync, this is the answer.

An excellent Point of Sale product

We've been using this product in a complex, multi-retailer environment all running off a single Magento instance. Having used other Magento web-based extensions that have proved buggy, using this iOS-based solution has definitely taken away the roulette wheel of discovering whether a plugin works as promised or not.Communication and support from eBizmarts has been nothing short of excellent - answering requests and taking feedback (and implementing) on for product improvements. Using the application on an iPad was noticeably quicker than using the desktop-based solution we were initially trialling, which is all important when you have a customer standing right there expecting good service experience. Couple this with PayPal Here and you have a scalable and budget friendly solution that is VERY quick to deploy. Cannot recommend enough.

Excellent solution, Excellent support

After spending some time researching various solutions for a magneto / epos integrated package for my clients I quickly discovered a few things
1. Touch screen till systems can start off cheap, but by the time you pay for the magento integration and then support for the system the costs can rapidly stack up plus they look ugly on your desktop counter.
2. There a few cloud based solutions which are at the right price range and include support however do not work that well on an iPad as you are running the application in a web browser, which also means if your internet connection goes down for any reason your till goes down which isn't good for business as you can not sell anything.
3. Then there is eBizMarts, which comes in at the right price, works perfectly on an iPad with a fantastic user interface, also works offline if your connection goes down and then syncs in the background when the connection comes back on.
Top this with lightning quick & helpful support, what more can you ask for. Any issue I have had has been resolved and put in the next app update ( which currently is weekly I believe), The support from the team is fantastic, even before we have signed up and paid any money they were quick to respond, offered advise on what kit to buy as well. For me the app ticked all the boxes and more, I am currently on my second store installation and looking to do more, using the iPad as a till has also opened up some more features to the staff, they can no leave notes for each other on the iPad, manage the company Facebook page, and also control the music being played in the store via airplay over an airport express. Yes all of this could have been possible with a till system, but the iPad makes things user friendly, some older less computer staff are not afraid to use the system as the iPad makes it friendly and less scary, The app has allowed everything to be brought together in one small solution giving the staff an easy to use and friendly interface, where they do not have to worry about thinking I need to learn how to use a computer system or till system, they can just get on and start selling!

Finally! A Point-of-Sale designed with Magento in mind!

For several months I searched for and reviewed and tried different Point-of-Sale systems for our stores. We always felt like we were compromising some important aspect of our product and order management. I was about to give up and spend a small fortune on those middle-man Magento integration platforms when I came across an up-and-coming product called eBizmarts Point-of-Sale.It wasn't necessarily difficult to find a Point-of-Sale solution that works with Magento but it is extraordinarily difficult to get one up and running with HOW we use Magento. We have a fairly complex system of configurable products with a multi-store presence, physical and online. We wanted something that would work with our multi-store inventory, our advanced product options, our Sweet Tooth customer rewards system(coming soon) and had that clean, easy-to-use iPad interface. eBizmarts Point-of-Sale has delivered well and beyond our initial expectations. They have worked closely with us during integration and their support has been the best Magento extension support I've yet to experience. Kudos to Rodrigo and his team! The system was very simple to install and set up and any glitches we encountered were quickly resolved and implemented by their dev team. I think the key with this product is that it starts with Magento. It isn't a Point-of-Sale that has an after-market integration with Magento. It is a Point-of-Sale built with a direct line to the Magento platform that doesn't cause us to compromise our Magento configuration for the sake of the Point-of-Sale . A quick note in regards to their dev team; because this Point-of-Sale is built foremost with Magento integration in mind, they actually listen to the customer and make every effort to accomodate our needs.

Fantastic Product and Support

This product is simply fantastic to use and the UI is so intuitive. I've tried so many different apps to integrate a physical shop location with a magento web backend and by far this is the best solution found.Also, the support has been outstanding. We bought a fairly high end receipt printer which we couldn't quite get to work but within almost an hour after asking, we got a reply about trying to open a specific port on the printer (which in fact worked instantly). Other solutions are slow and in my view, this product is really great for a couple of reasons:

1. When searching for a product other solutions search online to check for the product and stock level. This is slow and time consuming especially if the customer is waiting at the till with a number of products. This EPOS app actually syncs your database (customers, products etc.) and only when you go to the checkout does it do a quick stock check on the actual chosen products. Maybe a simple thing but the speed this saves is massive when compared.

2. For us, we are a startup so we are keeping tight control of costs (as with all businesses). Not only is the pricing structure fair in my view, it works directly with the PayPal Here app and card reader. The PayPal Here card reader has no monthly costs and a fairly reasonable percentage but crucially, this is the only EPOS system that I know that actually integrates with the Paypal Here app. This crucially means there is no manual typing of the amount due into a card machine. All prices are taken directly from the EPOS app so it just works very smooth with almost zero chance of human error especially if a proper barcode scanner is used with the app (if selling products from a shelf).

A fantastic product at a fair monthly price with excellent customer service. 5 stars.

Amazing support!

This module worked out of the box. But we had some custimizations for our setup.Customer service was amazing and everything is running perfectly now. It's an easy and perfectly solution for getting a physical store with stock management in magento, I give this module and Ebixmarts my highest recommendation!

Excellent team

What a fantastic team of developers. They have accommodated my every request, and generally answer my support emails within minutes. I've never been treated so well by anyone. I met them in person at Imagine, and they were nice and accommodating in person, and even more accommodating with their support.

The function of the system is VERY fast, intuitive and well put-together. That's all that really needs to be said. My customer is very happy with it, and it's going to work really well for their needs.

Wow This is a powerful extension

This is a powerful systems for a very affordable price. And the support is fast and quick. And will fully help integrate it into you site with ease. No problem when it comes to support they are there. So if you are looking for a fast powerful Point of Sale system look no further it here this system does every you need to streamline your order process quickly.

Great app, Fantastic support

We asked ebizmarts to install this app earlier today. Its only the free, trial version, but despite this they patiently and promptly answered all questions and helped with the configuration thoroughly. Some of my queries could probably have been solved by me reading the documentation a little more, but regardless the support team (Rodrigo in particular) could not have been more helpful. There appeared to be a small bug with orders via SagePay not saving, however this was fixed by ebizmarts within minutes of me notifying them. The support and responce times from ezibizmarts is amazing. I've offered my opinion on one feature which would improve the usability a little and they have said they will add this to the app in the future. The app itself is very good, we are going to start using it tomorrow in our shop. However, I can already see how good, quick and intuitive it is from the test orders which I have placed. The orders and stock are all synced with Magento and appear in the back end just like any other order on the system. The menu navigation is excellent and pulls small images (if you have them set) to represent each category from Magento. The product navigation is good (would be better if clicking the product image took you to the product page, rather than the list of size attributes, but this is hopefully appearing in a future version of the app) - its better to click the 'More Info' link than the product image. The basket / checkout experience is seamless and quick. Finding and selecting existing customers from your Magento database is quick. Using coupons/ coupon codes from Magento also works in the checkout on the app. Its a great app, I've a feeling we'll be upgrading to one of the better plans. Looking forward to using it in the shop with customers.

Great Magento Point of Sale Solution

I've used and dealt with many Point of Sale vendors in my time, however eBizmarts continue to prove themselves head and shoulders above the rest. Their whole solution is cleverly designed and very slick for both customers and staff. The team have been great, providing seemingly 24/7 support while we had some teething problems due to a few strange Magento config settings on our end. They are incredibly responsive to feedback and requests and I'm incredibly happy to recommend the Point of Sale solution to clients knowing that they'll be well looked after.

The ONLY Point of Sale for Magento

I tried so many different options trying to get a Point of Sale that did what I wanted and didn't kill my site, I was at my wits end. When I first downloaded the ebizmarts Point of Sale demo, I was going to reluctantly write them off because it didn't do something that we needed for our store. Within minutes of writing them why I wasn't going to choose their solution they replied to me and the next day they had a demo that solved my issues. EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have had an issue - they have responded immediately. I have to ask - when do you guys sleep?!! Seriously though - the support is amazing. The product is great and keeps getting better and adding features. You can scan products and do inventory! Ya'll rock! - TC from Bulk Candy Store.

Great Product Supported by Great Customer Service

I felt compelled to write a review because I believe this product and the team behind it deserves it. I run into issues on deploying the app and the plugin, however one email to the dev team and they did all they can to fix my problem. Good support and good product overall.